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Courses at Sciences-Po Paris

Macroeconomics of Development: Structural Economic Policy

Better Policies for Better Lives: Economic Policy and Well-Being

Published articles

The Democratic Transition, with R. Wacziarg. Journal of Economic Growth, 2014. Lead Article.

Unemployment and the Coverage Extension of Collective Wage Bargaining Agreements, with A. de Serres and A. Hijzen. European Economic Review, 2014.

Unemployment at Risk, with A. de Serres. Economic Policy, 2014.

How Do Labour Market Institutions Affect the Exit Rate Out of Unemployment? With A. de Serres. Labour, 2014.

Long-term Determinants of the Demographic Transition: 1870-2000. Review of Economics and Statistics, 2013.

The Kuznets Curve of Human Capital Inequality: 1870-2010, with C. Morrisson.

Journal of Economic Inequality, 2013.

HIV/AIDS and Poverty in South Africa: a Bayesian Estimation, with F. Marzo. South African Journal of Economics, 2013.

The Relationship Between Health and Growth: When Lucas Meets Nelson-Phelps, with P. Aghion and P. Howitt, Review of Economics and Institutions, 2011 (NBER wp.15813).

The Convergence of Compulsory Schooling in Western Europe, with M. Viarengo, Economica, 2011.

American Education in the Age of Mass Migrations, with M. Viarengo, Cliometrica, 2010.

Le Bénéfice de la Santé, with P. Aghion and P. Howitt, Revue de l’OFCE, 2010.

Have more strictly regulated banking systems fared better during the recent financial crisis?, with J.Arnold and R. Ahrend, Applied Economics Letters, 2010.

The Century of Education, with C. Morrisson, Journal of Human Capital, 2009. Lead article.

L’inégalité mondiale de l’éducation et des revenus 1870-2000, with C. Morrisson, Economie et Prévision, 2008.

What Determines Productivity in Senegal? Sectoral Disparities and the Dual Labor Market, with D.Echevin, Journal of Development Studies, 2009.

Planning for the Optimal Mix of Paygo Tax and Funded Savings, with G. de Ménil and E.Sheshinski, Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 2006.

Estimation des Modèles à Correction d’Erreur Fractionnaire: une Note Méthodologique, with S.Lardic and V. Mignon, Journal de la Société Française de Statistiques, 2005.

Revise & Resubmit

Your Money or Your Life: A Welfare Analysis of Climate Change Mitigation Policies. With A. de Serres, OECD wp.908, 2011.

Policy Determinants of School Outcomes Under Model Uncertainty: Evidence from South Africa, with T. Laurent, G. Barnard, D. Janse van Rensburg, V. Reddy, G. Frempong and L.Winnaar. OECD wkp. 1057, 2013.

Fabrice Murtin

OECD, Economics Department

2 rue André Pascal

75775 Paris Cedex 16


Phone: +33 1 45 24 76 08


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